[NUE-PSK] Best Antenna? Join us on Teamspeak for a lively discussion this week Tuesday

George Heron N2APB n2apb at midnightdesignsolutions.com
Tue Jan 17 19:39:54 CST 2012

Reminder ­ teamspeak session in progress right now.  Great discussion on
antennas, antennas and more antennas!

73, George 

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Subject: [NUE-PSK] Best Antenna?  Join us on Teamspeak for a lively
discussion this week Tuesday

This week on Chat With The Designers, we¹ll be discussing the ever-favorite
topic of ³Best Antenna².

Obviously no antenna is best for all situations ... but like most things in
life, choosing an antenna is a process of balancing exactly what performance
you need against size, weight, the antenna environment and the
always-present issue of cost.

We'll be overviewing what we've found to be useful in many of our operating
settings over the years.  For a preview of the session, take a peek at the
configurations ( http://www.njqrp.org/teamspeak/Jan%2017.html) ... perhaps
you'll recognize a few of these antennas and share your experiences as well!

And this week is our monthly ³Club Session², where we make a special invite
to all QRP club members in our community to join us for some topics of
general interest to all hams ­ new and old, operators or homebrewers,
readers or doers ­ and we have some special fun.  If you haven¹t had a
chance to try out Teamspeak and listen in on great audio quality ham radio
discussions like many of us have in our local in-person meetings, here¹s
your chance!  

Sure hope you can join us for the online Teamspeak session of Chat With The
Designers this Tuesday evening at 8pm EST (0100z)!

~George N2APB & Joe N2CX
   ³Chat With The Designers² on Teamspeak3 ...
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