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Fri Jan 20 21:31:53 CST 2012

Steve Ciarcia has identified why Apple is succeeding where others are not.

There is a wonderful new book out titled "Apple Design" which explores many of
the issues raised by Ciarcia and how Apple addresses them by making *design*
a component of the company and which is integrated into the product development
as deeply as the electronic technology, the manufacturing, and everything else.

Almost all the others companies who believe they compete with Apple see these as
"packaging" and "UI" issues that don't rate the same attention as creating a new ASIC
or similar technology.  At Apple, products do not exist independent of their Design -
That would be like saying transistors can exist separated from Quantum Mechanics.

Whether you agree with their point of view is irrelevant - it is what Apple believes
at the very deepest, most fundamental level.

This world view is why Apple's would-be competitors are not really in the same
business as Apple, and it is why those same companies cannot understand why
making something with the same feature list is usually uncompetitive in the extreme.

In the process, Apple has redefined Innovation by including Design as an equal to all the other components of the intellectual enterprise of Innovation. That is as big as disruptions come.

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