high pressure tanks in vehicles

Robert Stratton bob at stratton.net
Sat Jan 21 22:34:35 CST 2012

> Hmmm - just how fast can the stored energy escape from the Li-ion
> battery? Because it can get out of a compressed air bottle pretty
> fast. And, although we do glue wings on aircraft, they tend not to
> collide with other objects as frequently as cars. Mind you, a good
> glue joint is way better than a mediocre weld.

I haven't see wavefront propagation studies, but some failure modes look a lot like detonation to the untrained eye. Obviously Lithium metal batteries are worse, but it's still a little surprising to me that the Consumer Product Safety Commission hasn't squawked a lot more about Li-ion batteries given all of the different applications they're in. 

In practice, I think the safety record isn't terrible, but we've seen even ostensibly "high-end" Japanese batteries going up in flames when the quality control has slipped. Cheap Chinese ones are more of a gamble.

Someone here might know: Do they test cars on shake tables in pre-production testing? There are probably adhesives that could weather a crash or vibration. Finding one that can do both is more challenging. 

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