A car equipped with microcontrollers and a tiny radio-transmitter

Chip Fetrow tacos at fetrow.org
Sun Jan 22 21:12:07 CST 2012

OH, one more thing.

Several years ago I found a You Tube video of some jerk who drove a  
Smart Car into a Jersey Barrier, nearly head on at 70 MPH.  It was an  
English Smart, so the steering wheel was on the right side.  He ran  
the car into the Jersey Barrier at about 15 degrees favoring the  
passenger side.  Parts when EVERYWHERE.  The car basically exploded.

He opened the door himself and stepped out.  I'm not sure that would  
have been possible if the angles were reversed, but still it was  
really impressive.

Even the crash testing in the US doesn't have someone actually in the  

Small cars can be really safe, especially with air bags.  We are about  
to see 10 air bags in cars as now that we are saving everyone's life,  
we now need to prevent lower leg injuries.


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> The compressed air propulsion sounds intriguing, but a glued body?    
> It's more like "I look forward to ENDING my life in one of these."
> Joe, N6DGY

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