high pressure tanks in vehicles

Chip Fetrow tacos at fetrow.org
Sun Jan 22 21:33:02 CST 2012

I have closely inspected cut-away Leafs.  The batteries are very much  
broken up, and put into MANY containers.  I wondered about it  
initially, but finally got to speak with a project engineer.  They are  
broken up and spread about the car to prevent the types of issues you  

Frankly, if it were my car, I would make the battery containers about  
three times larger, and put two or three times as many of them in the  

I want RANGE.  Of course, I realize one of the reasons the batteries  
are limited is cost.

Tesla is supposed to have a sedan out soon that will go 300 miles on a  
charge.  It is the most expensive version of the car, but 300 miles is  
enough for me.  I can visit my Father-in-Law and have plenty of extra  
range, charge at his house and come home.  I could nearly make the  
round trip.


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> Really, there's not much more danger in compressed air bottle than in
> the 24 kW-h lithium-ion battery in a Nissan Leaf.
> ---JST

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