Audio posted for the "Best Antenna" topic on last Tuesday's Teamspeak session

George Heron N2APB n2apb at
Sun Jan 22 23:29:23 CST 2012

The audio for last week¹s session of ³Chat With The Designers² has been
posted on the website ...
Feel free to listen in on the fun discussion of our topic last Tuesday:
³What is the BEST antenna?!²

Our next session on Teamspeak will be this Tuesday evening 8pm EST (0100z),
where our topic will be "Grounding 101" ... Grounding one's station,
feedline and antenna is one of the first things we learned to do as hams;
yet not many of us do a good enough job at it today. We'll be discussing the
different approaches, techniques, tool, products and benefits of doing a
good job at being "well-grounded hams"!

Hope you can join us then.

73, George N2APB  &  Joe N2CX

PS:  You can see (and/or listen to) any of the previous nine Chat With The
Designer sessions ... Just go to our home page ( and follow the links.
You can also link over to the instruction page for setting up Teamspeak on
your own computer ­ it¹s easy, and it¹s free.

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