A car equipped with microcontrollers and a tiny radio-transmitter

Mike O'Dell mo at 131.ccr.org
Mon Jan 23 09:52:00 CST 2012

if i remember correctly, the original "superglue",
Eastman 910 (Eastman Chemical, not Kodak) was developed
for bonding (the aircraft guys don't use the term "glue")
the wing skins on the 747. at the time, it was astounding
to look out the window and see an acre of wing skin
completely devoid of rivets.

as you might imagine, the FAA was extremely skeptical of
this approach. the "spar-break" tests on the first 747
resulted in the wing tips all but touching without
breaking the spars or losing a wing skin.  when the load
relaxed, the wings did not go all the way back to the
original position, but it didn't break.  the distribution
of stress around a bond line is very different when compared
with a row of rivets, to the significant advantage of the
bond lines.


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