TAPR and iQuadlabs Announce Agreement for Software Defined Radio Components

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Tue Jan 24 20:52:17 CST 2012

TAPR and iQuadlabs Announce Agreement for Software Defined Radio Components01/22/2012 
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio www.tapr.org (TAPR) and iQuadlabs http://iquadlabs.com/content/home have announced a sourcing agreement for openHPSDR http://openhpsdr.org/ (High Performance Software Defined Radio) development boards. 
These include Pennylane, a ½ W transmitter, Mercury, an HF direct-sampling receiver and Magister, an FPGA-based interface controller card. 

Together these boards can be used to create a high-performance HF SDR transceiver.

Under the new agreement, TAPR will acquire inventory from iQuadLabs, 
creating a one-stop source for all openHPSDR boards. 
In addition, 
iQuadLabs will acquire inventory from TAPR to build pre-configured and 
tested complete openHPSDR systems. 
Zephyr Engineering, Inc will continue
 to manufacture the assembled boards.

Amateurs interested in exploring “next generation” Software Defined 
Radio will be able to easily purchase openHPSDR components directly from
And, for the first time in the history of openHPSDR, those who 
wish to buy a completely assembled and tested radio will have a source 
at iQuadLabs.

TAPR is a non-profit organization devoted to furthering the 
development of digital communication technology in the Amateur Radio 
TAPR and ARRL co-sponsor the annualDigital Communications Conference www.tapr.org/dcc. 
Last year’s conference was held in Baltimore, Maryland. The 2012 conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia.

--our thanks to Scott Cowling, WA2DFI
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