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I recall a Show I  watched in the '90's called the Secret Life of Machines
on the Discovery Channel.

Is this the same guy?

That was a great show to watch!


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> Tim Hunkin is a British National Hero. On a TV series some years ago, he
> demonstrated the principles of the fax machine by converting and
> synchronizing two workshop lathes. On another occasion, he clearly
> demonstrated the fundamental principle of brakes by stripping the wing and
> front tyre off a car, jacking up the front, running the wheels at full
> speed and then applying the brake without releasing the accelerator.
> Result? Brake disc went from grey to red to yellow to white in less time
> than you might imagine. Principle? Brakes turn kinetic energy into heat.
> Lots of heat.
> Whenever he builds an electronic circuit, he adds little models of plastic
> workmen to the board to give an impression that the little men are making
> it work. Genius.
> Phil M1GWZ
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