Won't they ever give up - FCC is being LightSnared

Mike O'Dell mo at ccr.org
Sun Jan 29 11:17:38 CST 2012

this is my Machiavellian speculation about the current twist to the story
if you believe the conspiracy theory that says Falcone thought he had 
bought himself
"a fix" with the green he was lavishing around the White House grounds.

If the FCC maintains "the process" in the undead state by stringing 
(LSHF) along with another comment period and reviews and other 
opportunities for dry-humping,
LSHF cannot claim the Administration welched on the deal for
the attempted end-run because "the FCC kept trying, but you guys just 
screwed the pooch!"

LSHF knew there was still a non-zero risk even after the payoffs,
and it happened that LightSquared got caught with Truth not on their side.
That's just tough noogies and the Administration is *not* taking a fall 
over it.

LSHF told the Administration that while there would likely be a
little hard-ball involved, that the ruckus would die down given LSHF's
superior lobbying and Truth Management experience, so it would all be OK 
in the end.

It did NOT work out OK. The Administration was completely blindsided by
the strength of the opposition and the complete failure of LSHF
to do adequate technical homework to foresee the problems.
A worse scenario? LSHF knew about the risk and then decided to play the 
odds by
not telling the Administration about it, which then walked blindly into 
the buzz-saw.

Either way, the first call back to Falcone starting with "WTF HAVE YOU 
US INTO?" was profoundly unpleasant and as the debacle unfolded, the tenor
of the calls went downhill *fast*. "YOU ARE DEAD TO ME!" probably came 
up pretty soon.

So now it's payback time!

By keeping LSHF on the hook with an unending process,
the Administration can express its extreme displeasure by keeping
them *all* twisting in the wind while LS runs out of money, Harbinger's
limited are *mightily* pissed at Falcone and are pulling money, and
Carl "The Snarl" Icahn shows up for lunch with the "Jaws" soundtrack,
already heavily baited for a juicy bankruptcy.

And for a little light entertainment between over lunch, the SEC shows 
up and starts
explaining to Falcone how much hose they have on the reel for his 
surprise colonoscopy.

I betcha Falcone ain't feeling quite so clever as when he first hatched 
this scam.

it could *not* happen to a more deserving group - they all richly 
deserve each other.


On 1/29/12 9:54 AM, William F. Fenn wrote:
> The attached is a scan of an article that appeared in today's issue of 
> The Washington Examiner.
> According to the article I my GPS "is an unlicensed and poorly 
> designed" receiver that allows me to listen improperly to 
> LightSquared's airwaves.
> FCC would like to have comments by 2/27/2012 and responses by 
> 3/13/2012.  Al Qaeda would like to have GPS disabled by 6/1/2012.
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