"Homebrew Battery Chargers" on Teamspeak this evening [Tuesday 8pm EST]

George Heron N2APB n2apb at midnightdesignsolutions.com
Tue Jan 31 00:10:21 CST 2012

This week on Chat With The Designers, we¹ll be discussing ³Homebrew Battery

One of the niftiest and cost-conscious things we can do for our various ham
accessories on the bench is to use rechargeable batteries.  But with the
wide array of different battery types and technologies that we come across
in the flea markets and online battery stores, figuring out the right way to
charge them is sometimes (always?) a confusing matter.  Our discussion this
week will be about the considerations and cautions in buying, building and
using the right kind of chargers for the specific batteries you are trying
to use.

For a sneak preview, you can take a look at our Notes page for this evening
... http://www.njqrp.org/teamspeak/Jan%2031.html

Sure hope you can join us for the online Teamspeak session of Chat With The
Designers at 8pm EST (0100z) tonight!  It only goes for about an hour each
and we have some very good information exchange.

~George N2APB & Joe N2CX
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