IEEE Tech alert: wonderful achievement in 3D printing and surgery

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*Bone Transplantation Without Rejection 


Last June, an 83-year-old Belgian woman suffering from oral cancer and 
an infection that was eating away at her jaw received a jawbone 
transplant that took a team of 10 surgeons 11 hours to complete. The 
operation was a success, allowing the patient to eat and speak with the 
new jaw within hours.

The procedure was an even more remarkable success in one other respect: 
The jaw itself was manufactured with a 3-D printer. It was built of 
titanium powder by a surgical team from Belgium's Hasselt University and 
engineers from LayerWise, a Belgian provider of engineering and 
production services for industrial, dental, and medical applications.

  "Techwise Conversations" host Steven Cherry talks with Peter Mercelis, 
the founder of LayerWise, about the surgery, his company's success with 
large-scale 3-D printing, and making objects layer by layer using 
various materials including living tissue.


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