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Tue Jan 24 18:54:29 CST 2012

I found your site searching LF articles and I am sending in my membership. I live near Chicago, but I hope to maybe make a contribution to your organization. Maybe someday I could even venture your way and make a meeting! I love amateur radio, but I am not interested in yacking on the local repeaters. I have been fairly inactive with amateur radio as I have not found my niche.  I work as an electronic technician at Motorola Solutions. I spent many years working for Motorola Labs R&D. But they decided to dismantle Labs and I have found myself in a production job as I long for R&D again. Maybe I found it with AMRAD. 
My skills are soldering of small surface mount parts, assembly work,  printed circuit board layout, some mechanical design, bench testing, field testing and a thirst for learning and experimenting. I'm not sure how practical it would be for me to build something and ship it to you, but I would be more than willing to try. I can also monitor at my end for any transmissions. 
I am interested in satellites, packet radio, microwave and LF. I used to belong to a club and I was told that no one does packet radio anymore, microwave is useless and don't bother working satellites because the guys running 1500 watts will drown me out. I found the club very discouraging to my interests. I have had an interest in LF experimenting (more along the lines of receiving and monitoring) for years. My recent renewed interest has me reading articles on how some are using SDR for VLF / LF. I can't put up any large antennas but I was thinking of building a loop. I would love to build some kind of microwave equipment. I plan to build a tape measure antenna for satellite communication. I have sent in for my membership in the Longwave Club of America and I have ordered the book "LF Today" from the ARRL. I am also a member of ARRL. I have started studying for my GROL FCC license. I am interested in spread spectrum, but I must admit that I know very
 little about it.
I look forward to your response. 
Dave York K9KUB
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