HOA Antenna Cops - Spray-on Antennas - Hiding your antenna in plain sight

3t3 3t3 at comcast.net
Fri Mar 2 02:21:46 CST 2012

Hello -

Here's something to talk about this Saturday -food for thought with our 
tacos  :-\

Can townhouse dwellers, simply spray an antenna on a tree in the front 
yard and work HF DX. ;-)

I believe the link below points to a project we might be interested in - 
I know I am. =-O

Do we want to look into getting a can of this spray on  paint and doing 
some antenna experiments with it ? :-)

QRP turned into QRO using a bush in your back yard ? :-\


     Terry McCarty
    3t3 at comcast.net

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