The 6502 ?

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Fri Mar 2 11:27:48 CST 2012

On 3/2/2012 12:19 PM, Iain McFadyen wrote:
> I won't lie to you guys... back in around 1979 whilst taking my 
> degree, I found myself sitting in front of a 6502 CPU hobbyist kit as 
> part of my introduction to machine code and microprogramming. After a 
> couple of weeks of messing around with the 6502, we moved on to PDP-8 
> and PDP-11. Never touched any of the three devices again, ever.


I recall writing  --many years ago--  an article for the AMRAD 
Newsletter : how to write in Assembly Language for the 6502.
Watch your mail box for the March-April issue of the Newsletter. It 
features  a simple beginner's project, both for the Picaxe and for the  
Warm up your soldering iron :-)

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