Electronic Design Magazine: DIY Electronics Kits Turn Hobbyists IntoEngineers

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This magazine is not alone in the world of over-hyping.  The latest issue of Elektor has a huge splash across the front cover: “AVR, Software Defined Radio”.  When you get to the article, it’s nothing more than a simple R2R ladder A/D converter.  That samples at a low rate in C, and somewhat faster in assembly.  Interesting, but, not really an SDR.  They say this is the first in a series, and will cover more, real SDR in future articles.  Probably NOT on that hardware platform, however.

But, why use such a buzzword?  Just to attract magazine sales?

At least with Electronc Design, you KNOW the primary focus is to sell parts, boards, etc.  Elektor is not supposed to be as obvious in that goal, rather a hobbyiest magazine.  However, their recent trend to sell books and kits based on project articles at rip-off prices may be a clue that they ARE going in that direction... I’ve fallen victim to buying a couple of their books, what a waste of money each time.

I felt cheated.  But, I go back for more.
Terry, WB4JFI

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Silly me ! 

I had always thought that, for me to become an engineer, it had been necessary to attend college, sweat through integral calculus, 
divs and curls, Pointing vectors, etc., study through the nights before finals...

Had I just known this 55 years ago, I could have simply bought a few DIY electronics kits and voilà, Instant Engineer...

So much time and money wasted on theory. (While in college I did learn, however, how to drink a fair quantity of beer)

André N4ICK

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