Electronic Design Magazine: DIY Electronics Kits Turn Hobbyists IntoEngineers

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Fri Mar 2 16:31:24 CST 2012

On 3/2/2012 14:30 PM, wb4jfi at knology.net wrote:
> Andre:
> This magazine is not alone in the world of over-hyping.  The latest 
> issue of Elektor has a huge splash across the front cover: “AVR, 
> Software Defined Radio”.  When you get to the article, it’s nothing 
> more than a simple R2R ladder A/D converter.  That samples at a low 
> rate in C, and somewhat faster in assembly.  Interesting, but, not 
> really an SDR.  They say this is the first in a series, and will cover 
> more, real SDR in future articles.  Probably NOT on that hardware 
> platform, however.
> But, why use such a buzzword?  Just to attract magazine sales?

I have been reading Elektor, on and off, for decades. They have been a 
source of great ideas and realizations. In fact they have for years now 
made available printed circuit boards for most of their projects.
More recently, as firmware becomes more prevalent, they seem indeed to 
have been leaning to sell whole kits.
It is the last European magazine of its kind (in English) I believe, and 
we don't really have any equivalent in the US, although Make is getting 
more involved in publishing simple projects, mainly based on the Arduino.


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