100 Khz signal

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This is getting interesting!

Federal Register Volume 77, Number 7  Pages 1708-1710

The CRADA participants will determine the viability of certain
wireless alternative timing approaches by conducting live, on-air tests
that will be broadcast from former Long Range Navigation (LORAN) sites,
using existing government-provided and non-Federal CRADA participant-
provided transmitting equipment. On-air testing may also be conducted
from other sites as deemed necessary during CRADA testing. Reception of
these test broadcasts are planned at both on-shore and off-shore
locations. The testing will be conducted in four phases. The first
phase will consist of testing on LORAN frequencies (90-110 kHz); the
second phase will be conducted on dGPS frequencies (283.5-325 kHz); the
third phase will be conducted on HA-dGPS frequencies (435-490 kHz); and
the fourth phase will be conducted on a former international calling
and distress frequency (500 kHz). All four phases may be tested

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>Go look at the time-nuts list.
>---- wb5mmb <wb5mmb at pobox.com> wrote:
> > Received a signal on 100Khz this afternoon 40 over s9 that sounded a
> > lot like LORAN. Stopped and started a few times then stopped and did
> > not come back. Did the Coast Guard keep a station intact ( probably
> > Cape May) to play with every now and then?
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