Cebit offers visions of future

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If you ever get a chance to boondoggle you way to Cebit,
by *all means*, GO!  unless you've been, it's impossible
to imagine how big it is and how much technology you
can see there. the breadth and depth are equally amazing.

If you've been to a show in the Las Vegas Convention Center,
you think you've seen "big".  Uh, not quite.

Die Messe at Hanover has *23* buildings that size
and every possible accommodation (hotel, B&B, private
residence rented-out) within 100 miles are full
months in advance.

There are "permanent stands" which are multi-floor.
for example, the IBM permanent stand is 3 floors
inside the building and then it sticks up through
the roof and the penthouse suites for visiting
flag-rank company officials are located up top.
and yes, there is an elevator *as part of the stand*.

Deutsch Telecom provides all the telecom for everything
and they have a "stand" which fills most of one building.
it's multi-floor as well.

The Taiwanese computer makers have an entire building.
You can see and source anything *remotely* related to
packaged computers, laptops, embedded systems, etc,
that are made by Taiwanese ODMs.

And it goes on and on. As I said, if you ever get a chance
to go, you will have your horizon broadened. The whole world
comes to Cebit to do deals and you can learn a lot watching
all that goes on.

Oh yes - "Green Hour" starts at 5pm and most stands
engage in what we'd call "Happy Hour" in their canteens.
Yes, any self-respecting exhibitor at Cebit has a canteen
as part of their stand. All day long, anyone half-way serious is offered
coffee, juice and cookies or some such. Many even offer
"finger food" at lunchtime. and then comes Green Hour.

I went several times as the rep from the UUNET Mother Ship
and had a lot of fun taking with me folks who had never
been abroad before and seeing their reactions.  at Cebit,
I did the deal to get connectivity into Bosnia-Herzegovina
when they started trying to rebuild their country. That is
a story unto itself, and it was a moment when the value
of what we were doing was not just theoretical.


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> ** Cebit offers visions of future **
> Pole-dancing robots and cars that can shrink in size are among the new tech on display at this year's Cebit trade show in Germany.
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