Help needed: iPad developer issue(s)

Mike O'Dell mo at
Thu Mar 15 10:00:53 CDT 2012

the simplest thing to do is for both people to join
the developer program as individuals. you will both want 
all the dev stuff and without question, the $99 will be
very well spent by each of the parties. all the stuff
dev stuff does automatic updating and fighting
that so you're just out one $99 is Just Not Worth It.
in fact, you will very likely never make it work right.

(Don't feel bad - when I first became a Mac developer
is was a couple of hundred dollars a year and that
was in 1985 dollars)

that way you can send stuff back and forth with many
fewer tears and hassles. 

you REALLY need all the Dev support stuff. 
you WILL NOT be able to do something from a
blank sheet of paper. there's just way, way
too much stuff you have to get right before
anything useful will happen (except maybe
jump into the debugger) and *nobody* i've
ever heard of has managed to do the blank-sheet
startup.  there's just too much technology.

you *really* want to start using the automatic
storage management stuff from the beginning.
automatic garbage collection has been eons
coming for Objective-C, made possibly only
by moving to the LLVM C compiler technology,
and it makes a dramatic difference in the number
of insanely-painful nuisance "brain-o bugs"
you have to deal with.

the iThing emulator that runs on the Mac under xcode
is how all the apps you see are developed. only very late
in life do they see the inside of an iThing.


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