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Thu Mar 15 20:59:58 CDT 2012

Git is a good and stable way of sharing development tasks - and github 
and the integration into Xcode just makes it that much more convenient.

I did start from "ground zero" when I was developing my first app for 
IOS and it wasn't much fun in the beginning.  The best way to figure out 
what to do with the annoying Xcode environment is to grab the demos 
available from Apple and modify them.


On 03/15/2012 06:34 PM, Mark Whittington wrote:
> Info on how to set up Xcode for github: 
> On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 6:33 PM, Mark Whittington <markwhi at 
> <mailto:markwhi at>> wrote:
>     Terry,
>     I'd recommend looking into some sort of revision control.  I
>     believe XCode supports git out of the box, and as long as you
>     don't mind your code being open, you and your friend can both sign
>     up and use GitHub ( for free.  Then he can check
>     in code, and you can check it out and build it at home, in
>     addition to all of the other benefits of using revision control.
>     -Mark
>     On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 5:22 PM, <wb4jfi at
>     <mailto:wb4jfi at>> wrote:
>         There's a lot to ingest here, before getting much up and
>         running.  We wanted to take baby steps by testing what is
>         written so far on real, actual hardware.  Therefore, we want
>         to be able to share/collaborate.  Mel is doing the iPad part,
>         and I am doing some ethernet-connected hardware.  We are at
>         the point that we want to test whether we can turn on an LED
>         on the hardware via the iPad.  But, since Mel has worked on
>         the iPad software, he has all that code at his house, while I
>         have the hardware at my house.
>         How hard is it to build an app at Mel's, and share the files
>         for that app's project with me, so I can build it as well?
>          Why would this plan violate some Apple policy?
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