An All-band Soft Rock receiver

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Well, you can set a Softrock Ensemble receiver to be either HF or LF, but 
NOT both at the same time.  In addition to the four bandpass filter 
positions on the PC board, there are other transformers that are specific 
for either HF or LF.

I have one of the Ensemble receivers, in addition to the Ensemble RxTx, and 
at least one of almost every other Softrock Tony made.  Most of my Softrocks 
are set for 80/40, 40/30, or HF, right now.  I have not tried any of them on 
LF yet.  The Si570 oscillator does not go below about 9MHz, so you need 
extra dividers to push the LO below that frequency.  I assume Tony has extra 
dividers jumperable on the Ensemble, since it is Si570-based.

For LF reception, you could probably build a pretty good DDC-style receiver 
for not much money, and get rid of all the QSD hassles, such as I/Q balance 
problems, sound card issues, etc.  There should be some inexpensive 16-bit 
or better A/D converters that will do a couple of MHz, which should be good 
enough for LF.

With the Ensemble Rx costing less than $60, that's a pretty good deal.

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Dave York, K9KUB, who has recently joined AMRAD, just sent me the link to

which is an all band (including LF) Soft Rock receiver.

André N4ICK
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