Induction cooktops and RFI?

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Subject: Re: Induction cooktops and RFI?

On 4/12/2012 18:31 PM, Terry Fox wrote: 
  Does anyone use an induction cooktop, and can tell me if there is any RFI from it to ham bands?
  Terry, WB4JFI


We don't have an induction cook-top, but
isn't the induction coil powered by the 60Hz mains ?

I was more worried about the control circuitry, and if there is a solid-state switching of the element.  Since induction is designed to radiate a magnetic field (albeit at 60Hz?), if that field is controlled by higher-speed devices, there might me more radiation?  Or not.. 

Do they do PWM for the control?  It also seems that there are a lot more “steps” in the control than a traditional electric cooktop.
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