Induction cooktops and RFI?

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On 4/12/2012 20:18 PM, Terry Fox wrote: 
  Thanks Andre!  My spec an only goes to 3GHz.  The whole idea was to know what they (induction cooktops) do BEFORE I buy one.
that is NOT the true AMRAD approach, which should be : buy first, then  test. 

  Maybe you could camp out at the local Sears with your spec an, and test for me??

I plan to be at our Local Sears at 0900H tomorrow morning
After all, that's what helping each other with Ham problems is all about...  :-)

Thanks Andre.  Totally not necessary, as it turns out.  As Karl pointed out, they DO operate at LF frequencies, so now I can use it to cook food, and as an LF beacon at the same time.  I wonder if I need an FCC license to cook with it?  I will let you all know what freq I am operating on, and you can listen for me.  My signal will be the one with the “bacon sizzle’ sounds in the background.  No, REAL bacon-sizzle sounds!  Fry, baby!
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