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I've been looking at the Digilent ChipKIT Max32 for a while now.  At $50, it 
seems to be a much more powerful device than the Arduino 8-bit CPU.  The 
problem is that it does not have I2S support, so connecting audio codecs 
(for I/Q sampling) is problematic.  I'm not sure that the 16-bit ADCs inside 
the PIC chip are quiet enough.

Another problem may be that the Digilent board only supplies 3.3V to the 
shields, no 5V.  This according to the article below, but the schematics 
seem to have 5V shown.  The Arduino ethernet shield uses 5V, for example. 
While the Digilent boards have their own ethernet shield, it uses an SMC 
LAN8720 ethernet chip instead of the (now) Arduino-standard Wiznet W5100.  I 
think the article is incorrect about no 5V, at least on the ChipKIT Max32.


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