FREE Radio & Electronics STUFF - From Bob Cullen's Daughter

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Sun Apr 15 16:53:46 CDT 2012

Hi Tacos Group:

I am Barb Cullen, Robert Cullen's daughter.   I am clearing out his house this week (week of April 15th) 
and he has a lot of things that you may have an interest avoid this stuff going into a dump......Here are some items you may want. Please advise:

Books books books on sat com
Books on stamps
Books on engineering

Misc electronic components from yesteryear
lots of small parts 
ie resistors, capacitors, connectors, etc.

I aplogize that I already trashed several satellite dishes and oscilloscope type devices.

There are also about 10 bookscases that are in his basement if anyone needs them.

Also hundreds of "splitters"  
Various misc electronics components

This stuff will be offered to you all for free if you have any interest.

Barb Cullen
Cell:  617-510-5491

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