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Sun Apr 15 21:12:30 CDT 2012

On 4/13/2012 18:34 PM, wb4jfi at wrote:
> I've been looking at the Digilent ChipKIT Max32 for a while now.  At 
> $50, it seems to be a much more powerful device than the Arduino 8-bit 
> CPU.  The problem is that it does not have I2S support, so connecting 
> audio codecs (for I/Q sampling) is problematic.  I'm not sure that the 
> 16-bit ADCs inside the PIC chip are quiet enough.
> Another problem may be that the Digilent board only supplies 3.3V to 
> the shields, no 5V.  This according to the article below, but the 
> schematics seem to have 5V shown.  The Arduino ethernet shield uses 
> 5V, for example. While the Digilent boards have their own ethernet 
> shield, it uses an SMC LAN8720 ethernet chip instead of the (now) 
> Arduino-standard Wiznet W5100.  I think the article is incorrect about 
> no 5V, at least on the ChipKIT Max32.
> Terry


One of the great advantages of the Arduino UNO, IMO, is its simplicity.
Simple to buy (Micro-Center, and by mail order), simple to power up 
(USB), and simple to program (a pared-down version of C).
Also lots of books and articles available.

Once we go for higher-power processors, etc, then we may as well forget 
about simplicity and attractiveness to your average Ham operator.
(That's is what I am trying to encourage: your regular ham deciding to 
buy an Arduino UNO and connecting it to his/her USB port).


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