More on Arduino

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Mon Apr 16 10:35:54 CDT 2012

<wb4jfi at> writes:

> The average amateur will never write C code for ANY
> processor/development board.  To him or her, it's all about being able
> to implement what someone else has done.  If you want to build a
> device that receives Kenwood/Elecraft CAT commands and parse them out
> to three different ham rigs or equipment (using isolated RS232 ports),
> you cannot easily do that on an Uno.  But, you CAN do that on an
> Arduino Mega 2560.

If I were retired I might take a comment like that as a challenge.

Standard baud rate for CAT/CI-V is 1200, no?  That should be well
within the capabilities of

Why not a CAT/CI-V to i2c to CAT program that allows target ID
rewriting and an Arduino per radio (or maybe two radios per target
Arduino if you want to get fancy and the SoftwareSerial library
doesn't need a horrendous rewrite to pull it off)?


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