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For some time, the LF crowd has been trying some very low speed CW 
signals on HF at very low powers.  They are called HiFER signals.

We have a report that a HiFER beacon in North Carolina made it all the 
way to Australia.  The receiving station used the ARGO software to 
process the signal up out of the noise along with a good antenna etc. to 
make the path work.  This is all very interesting.

See the forwarded message and links for more detail.  This message is 
from the Lowfer mailing list.

Frank K0BRA

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    1. Re: Hot HiFER News! (Dexter McIntyre W4DEX)


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JD wrote:
> It appears HiFER NC has set a new DX record...one that will be very
> difficult to exceed!  Steve VK2XV has apparently captured the signal in New
> South Wales, Australia, a distance of 15,400 km.  Read his message and view
> the capture on the LW Message Board at: http://lwca.org/mb/msg/2700.htm
> Congratulations, Steve and Dex!

Steve did all the work.  The current NC Hifer had been near trouble free 
close to 9 years now.  I did have to reseat the 555 timer once when TAG 
me it wasn't squaring.  Also the original battery that was charged with 
a solar
panel was replaced with a small power supply maybe 7 years ago.

Steve contacted me last week about his attempt.  I was planing to set up a
grabber so he would know where to look since the signal drifts with temp
changes. Guess he didn't need any help.  I was just now looking at the 
wave and noticed slight instant freq changes at random times.  I have 
this is due to high current appliances like water heaters and the oven 
on or off.  So the old 12 volt power supply must not have a precision 
output.  The freq change is only 10 or so millihertz but noticeable on 
in Argo
QRSS10 mode.  Grabber presently running:




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