Papilio Xilinx Spartan FPGA board

Terry Fox tfox at
Fri Apr 27 18:15:00 CDT 2012

For those of you interested in Xilinx Spartan FPGAs, Sparkfun has started carrying the 500k version of the Papilio board.  It’s $64.95.  The Gadget Factory also sells this board, and a smaller 250k version, and they have a deal on the 250k board with a free MIDI wing right now.

The FPGA chips used on these boards are in the smaller 100-pin form factors, so there aren’t as many pins to play with.  The neat thing is that there are Mega-wings coming out that allow you to build complete 1980’s style arcade games for pretty cheap, much cheaper than most other FPGA boards.  You can also build a logic analyzer with the Papilio boards and the SUMP logic analyzer software.

Of course if this FPGA stuff is thought to be too technical for the new, less sophisticated AMRAD, the Papilio can be programmed using the Arduino graphic development platform.

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