Amazing: the US automobile industry discovers the Diesel engine...

Robert Stratton bob at
Sun Apr 29 04:00:34 CDT 2012

> You're right, of course. However, in the long term, the price of all
> fossil fuels will plummet, then soar, and eventually drop to zero
> (you can't sell what you don't have). Presumably hydrogen will
> eventually save the day. Presumably. Maybe.

The most sensible analysis I've seen of the "hydrogen economy" came from one of ABB's fuel cell people. It took me a while to find it on the net (I originally saw it somewhere else), but it turns out it's out there.

For the non-readers- the energy costs of reforming and transport are such (when you consider volumetric energy density and other factors) that it may make more sense to either use it in some other liquid hydrocarbon form or just stick with CNG/LNG. 

--Bob S. 

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