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I think what Jay means is that he was hanging out on some sort of
tin-foil-hat web forum and found this cute take on the lightsquared


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> What does "a fringe public network" mean?
> On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 1:02 PM, JAY HOPPA <[[cow2toxic at]]> wrote:
>              I found this in a fringe public network.
>      A United States Air Force general is blowing the whistle on another
>      alleged White House scandal, but few in the news media seem to be
>      listening.
>      According to General William Shelton, the commanding
>      officer of U.S. Air Force's space command, he was told to alter his
>      testimony before the House of Representatives' Subcommittee on
>      Strategic Forces regarding an Obama White House attempt to award a
>      defense
>      contract to the Lightsquared firm.
>      Lightsquared is a high-tech
>      company doing business in Virginia that's owned by billionaire
>      Philip
>      Falcone, an Obama friend and campaign contributor.
>      According to
>      the National Legal and Policy Center, Phil Falcone had visited the
>      White House and made large cash contributions to the Democratic
>      Senatorial
>      Campaign Committee. Soon after, the Federal Communications
>      Commission
>      (FCC) granted his LightSquared a highly unusual waiver that allows
>      the
>      company to build out a national 4G wireless network on the cheap.
>      gerald
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