Warning: this is not about Ham Radio

Robert E. Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Sun May 6 22:45:29 CDT 2012

Along similar lines I recently went to Fastenal to pick up a 3/8-16
tap (UNC).  For Phil's benefit, that's a standard North American
coarse thread bolt.  Common as dirt.

The kid behind the counter asks if I need a drill bit too.  I said
yes, but before I could clarify what I needed a 3/8" bit was
proffered.  I said "how about 5/16 instead?" and got a blank look.  If
he'd handed me a W or X I would have completely understood and even
complimented his foresight since a 5/16" bit was extremely likely to
be in my collection already while big letter series bits are not so

Now, I don't expect everyone to learn how to locate holes, center
punch, tap, etc. from their grandfather before they're a teenager -
but one would at least *hope* that internal training for a counter guy
at a place that sells drills and taps would include the notion that
the 3/8" drill and the 3/8" tap don't go together and there's a chart
that one consults to get the cross reference right.



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