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Mike O'Dell mo at ccr.org
Mon May 7 11:37:09 CDT 2012

the thing i found most stupifying working on the
systems designs for the boat was the insane incongruities
that exist between otherwise similar objects that ultimate
force them into just-slightly-displaced parallel universes.

each of the decisions makes perfect sense until viewed
from above where you can see all of them at once, at which
point the only answer is that the loonies are in fact in charge
of the asylum. the topic of which i speak is, of course, "plumbing"
in all its mysterious and bizarre variants.

when reading a data sheet, does a "fitting size" specify ID or OD or
"standard fitting size" ?? (there's an oxymoron of the first water)
it depends on several things.

between fresh water, gray water,
black water, bilge water, sea water, HVAC primary and secondary loops,
condensate drains, hydronic heat loops, diesel fuel, lube oil,
stainless and flexible hydraulics, and shaft-log cooling loops,

how many different systems of *threads* do you have to deal with?
(ignoring fitting material and compatibility - just the freakin' threads!)

there's enough entropy available in this one topic to single-handedly
induce the ultimate heat-death of the universe.


On 5/6/12 11:45 PM, Robert E. Seastrom wrote:
> Along similar lines I recently went to Fastenal to pick up a 3/8-16
> tap (UNC).  For Phil's benefit, that's a standard North American
> coarse thread bolt.  Common as dirt.
> The kid behind the counter asks if I need a drill bit too.  I said
> yes, but before I could clarify what I needed a 3/8" bit was
> proffered.  I said "how about 5/16 instead?" and got a blank look.  If
> he'd handed me a W or X I would have completely understood and even
> complimented his foresight since a 5/16" bit was extremely likely to
> be in my collection already while big letter series bits are not so
> common.
> Now, I don't expect everyone to learn how to locate holes, center
> punch, tap, etc. from their grandfather before they're a teenager -
> but one would at least *hope* that internal training for a counter guy
> at a place that sells drills and taps would include the notion that
> the 3/8" drill and the 3/8" tap don't go together and there's a chart
> that one consults to get the cross reference right.
> Sheesh.
> -r
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