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Thank for the info on Haiku Valley.  I had never heard of it or the 
story and I was with the Navy VLF project office for some years.

The web site has a lot of very nice pictures and description of how the 
first people got to the top so everyone could build the station.  I note 
the high scalers had worked on the Hoover dam.

Check out


Frank K0BRA

On 3/13/2012 11:44 PM, Matthew Bezayiff wrote:
> You have posted on your website an article concerning vlf antennas. I
> would like to invite you to Haikuvalley.com with regards to the massive
> antennas used in the VLF transmission world, specifically those in the
> Omega Navigation world. High power 150KW transmitters with and ERP off
> the antenna of 10KW. Large Helix coils and litz wire.
> Matthew
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