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Subject: [sdr-cube] "Simple & Accurate Power Measurement" presentation online this week on Teamspeak (Tuesday 8pm EDT)

This week’s session of Chat With The Designers is tomorrow evening (Tuesday), starting at 8pm Eastern (0000z) on Teamspeak.

The topic is "Simple & Accurate Power Measurement” ...   

  We've previously covered the very popular topic of Power Measurement Techniques and the wide range of equipment and projects available to us homebrewers.  But this time we're going to focus on a very practical example and chronicle a solution path that could well pan out for you.

  Many of us have a simple, homebrew power meter circuit that often displays power readings to a tenth of a watt , such as 0.1 watt, or 5.2 watts. Oftentimes this is sufficient for rough estimation of one's output power level ... but at other times you need greater accuracy in order to adequately determine and set gain stages in a radio amplifier chain, determine power transfer efficiencies, or perform comparisons against known standards.  In these cases, short of having an expensive Bird or HP power meter on the bench, what can you do?

  We recently needed to track down some gain uncertainties in the SDR Cube Transceiver and with some expert advice we were able to homebrew some simple building blocks that yielded very interesting results.  We will overview and describe this approach and maybe you too can get some ideas for your own bench!

We have a “Notes” page set up with links, diagrams and bulletized notes that we’ll be talking to this evening, so be sure you have your browser set to this during the discussion as well ... http://www.njqrp.org/teamspeak/Mar20.html

If you’ve not joined us for past topics, you’ll find that we have some fun in this 1-hour online meeting talking about various technical topics that are likely of interest to homebrewers and experimenters here in our ham ranks.  It’s open for everyone and all you have to do is have the Teamspeak driver loaded onto your computer.  (For guidance on this, see http://www.njqrp.org/teamspeak/TeamspeakInstructions.html)

Looking forward to seeing (hearing) many of our 30-some regulars, and invite others who have not yet joined in on the fun!

73, George N2APB
        & Joe N2CX
  Chat With The Designers ... http://www.njqrp.org/teamspeak/TeamspeakChat.html    
  (See this page too for past sessions and MP3 podcasts of the audio portion of each week.)

PS:  if you happen to follow us later on each week by downloading the audio podcast, last week’s session on the Intro to the Digital Modes is loaded and available at: http://www.njqrp.org/teamspeak/Mar%2013.html 
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