Induction cooktops and RFI?

C. W. Schwendinger charlie at
Sun Apr 15 17:54:32 CDT 2012

I don't have any HF gear here, but I do have lots of X10 stuff (using 
coupling caps between phases and between the two 200 amp panels), 
cordless phones, wifi routers, etc, and am radio.  I have had induction 
cooktops at least as far back as 1990 and have never had any 
interference problems caused by the cooktops that I've noticed.  First 
one was a Sears Kenmore, and the current one is a GE,  now about 12 
years old.  By the way, highly recommended....better than gas and far 
better than thermal electric....and quicker than both as well as easier 
to clean.

Charlie Schwendinger, W3SAM

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