Portable spectrum analyzer?

Mike ODELL mo at ccr.org
Wed May 9 15:57:36 CDT 2012

I am trying to debug the wideband RX antenna system on our boat 
and doing so without a good way to see what's happening 
is a real PITA. the antenna covers from 0.5MHz through (old)
UHF TV with multiple elements and multiple preamps in the radome,
powered up the coax from a distribution amp that then feeds two
strings of wideband power dividers supplying each radio receiver
and DTV. We've swapped and checked many things with insufficient

If some Goode Soul has a portable spectrum analyzer I could borrow,
It would be very helpful indeed. I can offer a Boatride in return.


Naval.com  is the company. The antenna is the big PR-422 hemisphere.

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