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Ahhh, one of my old Gannett stations, K*USA.  They were consistently one of 
the top stations we owned (along with KSDK in St. Louis and KARE in 
Minneapolis).  They were always at the forefront of this newfangled Internet 
thing as well...

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About the first of March, our Balloon club here in Colorado, Edge of
Space Sciences, got a phone call from Steve Spangler.  Steve is the
"Science Guy" at the local NBC Affiliate KUSA.  He wanted to launch a
high altitude balloon from Coors Field, the baseball stadium in
downtown Denver.  And he wanted to do it on May 2nd, which was just 8
weeks away.

After a lot of hard work from a lot of people, we managed to pull it
off.  The result was an amazing event, with estimates of 10,000 people
in attendance at the launch.  It was also a significant milestone for
EOSS, our 175th flight.

In addition to being streamed live on the KUSA website (,
and having coverage on the TV news shows that evening and the
following morning, Steve has now posted the video on his YouTube site,
The Spangler Effect.

You can also view the entire 2 1/2 hour flight from all three video cameras

Doug Gentges
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