AMRAD at Hamvention

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Fri May 11 09:58:15 CDT 2012


AMRAD will be at Hamvention again this year.  You can find us in the 
flea market East spaces 3638, 3639, 3840 and 3841.

We will have the cookout again Friday night at Skip Pratt's again this 
year.  Phil, M1GWZ, will give a talk on quasicrystals and Doug, N0IX, 
will bring some high quality videos of their recent flight with the Edge 
of Space Science demo in Denver from the baseball stadium as part of 
their science day prior to the baseball game.

Also present for the first time will be Rob Wright, KC0UUO, also a 
member of the Edge of Space Science team.  With Doug and Rob we should 
get some good discussions of sending up balloons to the edge of space. 
An impending problem is the getting helium and such flights will have to 
switch to hydrogen.

Frank K0BRA

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