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John Teller jsteller at
Sun May 13 22:02:16 CDT 2012

Mythbusters did  a show on just that.  They knocked the valve off a gas 
cylinder of some sort and it built up enough momentum to drive itself 
through a cinder block wall.  The attempt to make a jet-powered motor 
boat using several cylinders didn't pan out so well, though...


On 05/13/2012 03:24 PM, Mike O'Dell wrote:
> Yeppir - "catastrophic reconfiguration" at 3200 psi
> is likely quite impressive, assuming you are far
> enough away to survive it.
> just a single 2200psi O2 cylinder suddenly losing
> it's valve makes a spectacular a mess, and the one I saw was just
> from energetic acceleration of the bottle as a simple rocket.
> Even when i "understand" the physics, the massive dynamic range
> of Natural Forces is certainly beyond my meager comprehension.
> i know a guy who designs connectors for mating power,
> hydraulic, and fiber umbilicals to boxes that get deployed
> on the bottom of the ocean. he says he never gets over
> how badly the water wants inside when there's an 8,000 psi pressure 
> difference between inside and outside.
>     -mo

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