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In order to be taken seriously, the company should adjust the pricing for the card a little.  I realize that often the devil is in the details, but come on....$666.66? Really?

In looking a the block diagram, for receive it appears to be direct digital conversion for the lower frequencies (baseband) and uses a more traditional I/Q mixer for the higher frequencies to convert them to the lower freqs (baseband).  This does look interesting, and the cost is better than the USRP/Ettus boxes.  I’m not sure how far along Phi is at this point, as they mention it is beta.

PCIe brings a very nice transfer speed to the host computer, but that also precludes a lot of implementations, such as with laptops, etc.

Thanks for pointing this out Jeff, it’s definitely worth watching.
Terry, WB4JFI

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Thought this might be interesting to more people than just myself. Still trying to find someone that has used it.

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