New Flex radio?

Tom Azlin N4ZPT tom at
Wed May 16 09:43:54 CDT 2012

hi Terry,

Guess we will have to wait only a few more days.

I'm not making it to Dayton this  year so will have to check the Flex 
web site. In the meantime I did sell my Flex1500 and my spare K3 to have 
the funds for my new Elecraft KX3 plus the KXPA100 amp when it comes 
out. Got to spend time on the phone with one of the Elecraft owners to 
reset the EEPROM config settings which does include a gain and phase 
setting for each band to balance out I and Q. The KX3 is a QSD/QSE but 
is fairly low power around 200 ma receive using uses the K3 front panel 
design with a newer generation DSP than the K3 to do the sampling and 
demodulation/modulation without needing a computer. You can not play 
with the software however.

The QS1R and new QS1E daughter board is a DDC/DUC combo but it does use 
USB so extra processing has to be loaded into the FPGA I think. But is a 
16 bit, 125 MSPS digitizer.

Will be interesting to see what Flex calls a game changer.

73, tom n4zpt

On 5/16/2012 1:18 AM, Terry Fox wrote:
> For the last few days, Gerald Youngblood of Flex Radio Systems has been
> teasing the Flex reflectors about a big announcement at Dayton, and on
> their website come Friday. There has been a lot of guessing. On Tuesday,
> he sent “Imagine digital starting at the antenna connector...” as the
> message subject, and “ ...and a bit of arithmetic. Imagine with us May
> 18th.” as the message body.
> If one follows this, it may mean that Flex is FINALLY introducing a
> DDC/DUC SDR rig. I hope they are, as the QSD/QSE technology is getting
> pretty old as far as being leading edge. QSD/QSE rigs remind me of old
> SSB phasing rigs, like my old SB-10 sideband adaptor and some others I
> have known (and cussed at). Once crystal filtering became the norm, it
> was hard to justify a phasing rig anymore, and technically the phasing
> rigs were worse on the air, as you had to constantly adjust the phasing
> to reduce the unwanted opposite-sideband and/or carrier.

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