New Flex 6700 - anyone at Dayton?

Tom Azlin N4ZPT tom at
Fri May 18 20:03:12 CDT 2012

Hi Terry,

Yea, the simpler single digitizer unit looks more affordable but I guess 
they are trying to beat the FT-5000 ( but not 200 watts) with the 6700. 
  The dynamic range possibility is really nice. I too was very surprised 
about the software. But then if they publish the API and only 
display/control is via the PC software then maybe will be 3rd party 
software. Maybe the new HRD guys will adapt?

I am likely to just wait for the HPSDR Hermes radio.

I presume the software keeps running and you just do not get support. Or 
pay as you go if all are lucky.

73, tom n4zpt

On 5/18/2012 8:06 PM, wb4jfi at wrote:
> It appears the 6500, with only one A/D RF deck(?) is only $4,000. That's
> more in line with what I might be able to afford. And, I don't really
> need to monitor ten bands at once, five would do just fine. For an extra
> $3,000, I can give up internal 2 Meters as well.
> The other concern is the $200 per year cost for the software and
> support. If you forgo the $200/year, does the software still work, but
> you don't get upgrades? Or, if you don't pay, you can't play?
> Darn, I was starting to tally up what I could sell to get the $4,000,
> until the little software fee showed up.
> Terry
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> Subject: Re: New Flex 6700 - anyone at Dayton?
> It does have impressive specs and certainly represents
> a high-end design that will have long legs - a real
> "stake in the ground".
> I believe it will also create what we call a "price umbrella".
> I suspect we won't have to wait terribly long for others to
> develop product that does some large fraction as much for much lower cost.
> the components used are all going to slide down the learning curve
> pretty quickly because of their use in LTE base stations and access points.
> (the success of LTE is going to hinge on Mini-, Micro-, Pico-, and
> Femto-Cell
> systems. yes, those all exist. The FonHedz have every intention of
> co-opting
> WiFi in service of their coverage extension plans, so be prepared to supply
> your Internet connectivity free of charge to the Picocell your carrier will
> try to foist on you in the name of "better service".)
> -mo
> On 5/18/12 4:38 PM, Tom Azlin N4ZPT wrote:
>> Plus $200 a year for the software? 73, tom n4zpt
>> On 5/18/2012 3:05 PM, Lee Wood wrote:
>>> If I interpret their their web-site correctly:
>>> the regular price of a FLEX-6700 is $6999, requiring a deposit of
>>> $2,100.
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>>> On May 18, 2012, at 10:00 AM, tacos-request at wrote:
>>>> The new Flex radios have been announced on their web site. It looks
>>>> REAL good, but someone said the price was $7k, and delivery is 4th
>>>> quarter. Can someone at Dayton confirm this, especially the price?
>>>> If it?s that high, I will continue to play with the lower-cost
>>>> options. It may be worth that (to government agencies and the
>>>> independently wealthy), but that?s way beyond what I can/want to
>>>> spend on a rig.
>>>> Terry, WB4JFI
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