Here's a little SDR radio....

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Sun May 20 21:32:12 CDT 2012

I led a very serious look at investing in Hypres
and have a couple of display samples of the superconducting
Front-end chips. It's really weird looking at the schematics
for the parts because none of the device symbols are anything
you've ever seen. I felt like i was looking at stuff from Area 51.

The logic uses Josephson Junction devices
which are probably more like magnetic amplifiers than anything 
Else you've ever run across. and I've never seen such a concentration
of PhDs per capita outsider of a particle physics center.
The staff is half mathematicians and half physicists, and each
group is about 40-40-20 Russian, Indian, and American.
The DSP algorithms are not in any book because the math has been
reinvented to work in terms of what the JJ logic can do "naturally".

Testing the parts is tricky because they need 4.2K liquid helium
To work. You don't just put them on a stereoscope stage and 
Adjust the microprobes! just getting wires to and from the chips
To the rest of the system is a big deal - heat comes in on the
Wires instead of going out through them!

I'm sorry we didn't do the deal. I'd love to get to hang with them regularly.


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> Cool! Literally.
> I just ordered two, via Paypal.
> Terry
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