4G disruption threatens millions

Joseph Bento joseph at kirtland.com
Wed May 23 15:45:59 CDT 2012

£18 per month is almost unbelievable!  I pay $180 a month for cable, telephone, and 20mb internet through Comcast.  Comcast has no competition in my neighborhood for the internet - that is unless you go with one of the wireless ISP's where your maximum is somewhere around 6mb.

Our infrastructure is aging, and there is no money to upgrade.

Joe, N6DGY

Phil wrote:
> No, not a LightSquared - not even close. The problem is that the Freeview service is very variable in signal strength and quality over the country. Some areas need a good, high-gain aerial (and most people in those areas use cable or Sky anyway). Elsewhere, some people rely on an indoor, set-top aerial with variable quality, even though Freeview has always emphasized the need for a 'proper' aerial installation.
> Virtually the entire UK has had a local integrated cable network since the late 1990s so cable is an option for nearly everybody anyway. Combined internet / telephone / cable TV contracts are attractive and falling in price every day. For instance, we're paying £18 per calendar month for telephone, movies-on-demand and 80 Mbaud internet access. The deal includes the equivalent of Freeview but we have Sky anyway. Plenty of affordable solutions, and my car will still know how to navigate.
> Phil M1GWZ

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