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According to the Congressional Research Service total oil imports in 2011
were 11.4 million barrels per day of which 8.9 Mb/d were crude oil. Exports
were 2.9 Mb/d, none of which were crude oil because nearly all exportation
of crude oil is prohibited by law. We are far from exporting more than we


Oven bulbs are likely to be incandescent for some time. I expect to see LEDs
show up in refrigerators in the near future.


Point taken on the US production. But there are probably more SU made CFLs
than hard disk drives.


If this goes Plan C the "pop" is the payoff!


73 Karl W4KRL


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At least Plan C won't harm the environment with mercury release like
dropping a CFL.  You also get a satisfying 'pop'.


At least incandescent bulbs were / are still manufactured in the USA.  Good
luck finding a CFL made in the USA.


Try using a CFL in your range, refrigerator, or microwave.  Better yet, try
using a CFL as a dummy load in a glowbug transmitter.


Lastly, we currently are exporting more oil than importing - first time
since 1949.



Joe, N6DGY



On May 24, 2012, at 8:39 PM, Karl W4KRL wrote:

My transition to CFLs and LEDs is complete. If you don't care about the
environment or don't think you have any responsibility for the nation's
dependence on foreign oil you are welcome to have my box of bulbs including
12 endangered 100 Watters; perfect for the dedicated hoarder!


Plan A is to bring them to Tacos this Saturday. Alternatively, you can pick
them up at my home west of Centreville. Send me a direct e-mail if


Plan B - FreeCycle


Plan C - I take them to a high place and drop them one by one onto concrete.
(I will clean up)


73 Karl W4KRL

W4krl at




100 W 120 V - 12 new in sleeves


100 W 130 V - used sleeveless


75 W 120 V - 3 probably used


60 W 120 V - 5 in sleeves probably new


25 W 120 V - 5 clear round candelabra base used


25 W 120 V - 1 white round candelabra base used






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