Incandescent Bulbs Free to Good Home

Bob Bruninga bruninga at
Fri May 25 09:13:59 CDT 2012

> Plan C - I take them to a high place and drop them 
> one by one onto concrete. (I will clean up)

Believe it or not!  I was 150' up the climbing ladder inside the base of a
big wter tank.  For the privlige of having my ham antennas up there, I would
always replace any of their burned out bulbs while I was up there.  

Coming back down, I realized how cumbersome it was trying to carry the bad
bulbs back down.  So I simply let two of them go for the fun of it.

>From 150' onto concrete, one gave the satisfactory Pop!... the other one

The aluminum Edison base absorbed the impact by crushing, the glass bulb was

I saved it for a while, but it is now lost.
Bob, Wb4APR

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