Incandescent Bulbs Free to Good Home

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Sun May 27 20:31:16 CDT 2012

Sounds like a nice job!
Being able to replace the dimmers makes it easier to adopt,
as does wholesale replacement of fixtures.  There are now some
LED replacements for fluorescent tubes which are allegedly
pin-compatible. they even look like fluorescent tubes in shape.

many people who would otherwise be early-adopters of LED
lighting have the problem that their house has a central
lighting control system. in my case, all permanent lights are
on large multi-channel dimmer packs controlled by a springhead
that speaks to button panels via RS-485. there's a lot less copper
involved since wall switches aren't involved in the AC path.
unfortunately, replacing the dimmer packs would be *quite*
expensive. most fixtures are downlight cans with PAR-30 floods
although certainly not all of them. the halogen version of the PAR-30
can maintain approximate lumen output at a 25-35% reduction
in wattage. those are going in as we replace lamps.

On 5/25/12 12:38 PM, Karl W4KRL wrote:
> We recently remodeled our kitchen and happily threw the 2x40 
> fluorescent fixture in the trash. I used 4-inch recessed fixtures with 
> A CFL/LED rated dimmer provides practically full range dimming 
> although they will not start when less than half dimmed. A nice 
> feature of LEDs over incandescent is that they stay the same color as 
> they are dimmed.
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