A universal plug socket... at last?

Joseph Bento joseph at kirtland.com
Fri Jun 1 14:32:38 CDT 2012

Our legacy communications system at UTA is made by Tait, a New Zealand 
company.  I learned years ago that the Aussie and USA plugs are 
perfectly compatible.  All it takes is a pair of pliers to slant or 
straighten the prongs.  Of course 120 / 240 volt compatibility is important.

Joe, N6DGY

Andre Kesteloot wrote:
> Tacoistas,
> For those of you who travel, is relief finally around the ciorner ?
> 73
> André N4ICK
>  ** A universal plug socket... at last? **
> Three pins. Two pins. Slanting pins. Straight. Circular. Could the 
> days when every region has its own type of electric plug could be 
> ending, asks Peter Day?
> < http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-18266022 >
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